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9 Employee Engagement Ideas - The HR Coffee Room by 1BC Consulting Inc


The HR Coffee Room by 1BC Consulting, Inc.

The definition of “Employee Engagement” is a lot more complex, and requires a more complete look of an employee’s life at work.


That commitment comes from how well an employee’s personal goals and values really align with the organization’s goals and values.



When employees are engaged, they are not there for the money, they are there because they truly care. They are excited and want to see the company succeed, and they are willing to go the extra mile without being asked.



Remember that profits come from customer loyalty, customer loyalty comes from customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction comes from employee satisfaction and sense of belonging. When employees come first, success follows.



Here are 9 Employee Engagement Ideas for you to implement at your organization.

1. Provide constant praise

2. Offer coaching

3. Organize team building activities

4. Offer training & development

5. Create a great work environment

6. Develop a cross training program

7. Have quarterly one-on-ones

8. Design an on-boarding process

9. Train your management team well



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