Interviewing Tip #5


Interviewing Tips – Tip #5


On your way to the interview.

Make sure to leave your house on time. Arrive to the office (not the parking lot) at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment. Don’t forget to smile!!!

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Interviewing Tip #4


Interviewing Tips – Tip #4


Make sure to take at least 3 copies of your resume in a folder and take a pen with you. Even though you might have you sent your  resume already, it’s best to have it handy!

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Interviewing Tip #3


Interviewing Tips – Tip #3


The day has come, it’s show time. Carefully select your professional attire. Dress to impress. It’s not how expensive your cloths may be, it’s how sharp you look!!!

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Interviewing Tip #2


Interviewing Tips – Tip #2


Once you complete the company research, write down at least 3 questions you want to ask the interviewer. Be creative! Don’t ask when the company was created? Who is the President? or how big is the company? This is information that can be easily found online.

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Interviewing Tip #1


Interviewing Tips – Tip #1


One of the major reasons why people don’t get the job they want, is because they don’t know how to interview, they don’t do their homework and don’t prepare for the big day. You can be the best at what you do, but is you don’t know how to interview, chances are that you may not be selected for that dream job. So let’s get started!!!

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