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Did you just receive a phone call for a job interview? Congratulations, that is awesome news. I am sure you are asking yourself “now what should I do next?” Well, here are some things you can take into consideration before your big day!

  1. Make sure to check your resume for any updates and spelling errors. Make all corrections prior to the interview, not on the actual day of the interview. You don’t want to start with the wrong foot and be rushing through things.

2. Print several copies of your resume the night before the job interview. Take them with you just in case you need to give the interviewing manager or anybody else a copy. You don’t really know if you may be meeting with more than one individual. The key here is to be prepared for anything.

3. Do your homework. Read about the company you will be interviewing for. If you know the person you will be interviewed by, then do a little research on the person as well. Write down questions you want to know about the company. Doing your homework will guarantee better results than other candidates who do no prepare for this very important encounter.

4. Dress to impress. Select your business attire cloths the night before so that you’re not running around thinking “what am I going to wear?” on the day of the interview. You need to look sharp. Remember, you only have 30 seconds to make either a good or bad impression. If you don’t have too many options then make it simple. Dress in black and white. For ladies: black skirt, or pants, white blouse (make sure it is well pressed), and a black jacket. Black closed shoes. For gentlemen: black pants, white business shirt and black jacket. Black shoes. It is always best to be over dressed, than underdressed.

5. You are going to be the center of attention, so be sure to take action. Ladies, make sure your hair is away from your face. You don’t want any distractions like you trying to fix your hair in the middle of the interview. If you have long or medium length hair, put it in a bun, pony tail or with hair clips. For other length of hair, just ensure your pretty face is not covered with it. If you’re wearing any make up, be sure it is not too much. Very light colors is always best…a natural look. Gentlemen, if you have facial hair, be sure to either shave or trim it down. Style your hair to keep it away from your face.

6. Leave your house with plenty of time. Make any reliable transportation arrangements the night before. Always take into consideration traffic in your city before leaving your house, the last you want to do is to arrive late. Arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes ahead of your interview schedule.

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7. Now that you have arrive to your destination, don’t forget to smile, make eye contact and greet people as you’re walking toward your interview location. You never know who you will see, and you can leave that person with a positive impression of you.

8. Turn off your cellular. There’s nothing more annoying for the interviewing manager than to listen to a phone ring or vibrate in the middle of the interview. It is also common courtesy to do this. Keep in mind this is your moment, and you will do anything in your power to have a successful interview without any interruptions.

9. Now, relax and breathe. Wait until you are called. Make eye contact and give a firm handshake once you meet with your interviewer. Now, a firm handshake does not mean to brake someone’s hand. It means firm with just about the right pressure to the other person’s hand. Too strong of a handshake could mean you have no control, too soft could mean you are not confident about yourself. If you are not sure about your handshake, do some reading on articles over the internet about this very important topic. Do your homework.

10. During your interview, sit straight and don’t play with your pen, or anything you may have on you. Do not lean on the desk of the interviewer. Keep eye contact and a smile all the time. I know you may be very nervous, but control yourself. Breathe and stay calm.

11. After you’re done interviewing, ask for a business card. Let the person know you are very thankful for the opportunity and hope to hear from them soon. Send a thank you written note preferably, to make it more personable; or send a thank you email to the person or people you interviewed with. Research different samples of this type of message.

Good luck on your interview!


We hope this information was very helpful to you. Our goal is to provide you with good information to assist you with your career success.

Contact us today to further assist you with career coaching techniques. We wish you the best success on your career search.


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