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Working in a company may seem like a fun endeavor, leading it is another experience. While it is amazing to have great people around you to help you reach your goals, there is something important that sometimes people in companies forget: The human touch.

The objective of departments such as Human Resources and Upper Management in an organization is to keep the, hence the term, human aspect of working in higher goals. It is pivotal to remember the importance of training and managing people with the care and respect they deserve in order to achieve the ultimate target of becoming more than just the sum of their parts: to become something else. Something special.

People are the core of a company, and the way they work is reflect in how you treat them, and their performance is based on how well you prepare them for battle. They are your soldiers, so you have to treat them with the respect and gentleness they deserve. That’s why it is important to manage them correctly, because you win for every one of their victories.

We have noticed that lately companies have become careless when it comes to training their managers. Those companies don’t understand that not training their people correctly could bring liability to your efforts of success. Your management team can represent a major impact in your business, as they have a large effect on employee satisfaction, productivity, performance and turnover.

Remember that great managers are not born being great managers, they are built and trained continuously. We are here to highlight the importance of dealing with your people the right way.


Empowerment means confidence and the ability to feel that you can do something right. It is a key element in making sure your endeavor thrives. That’s why it is so pivotal in the training of your management to make them feel empowered. To feel like they belong there and that they have the confidence and talent to make sure the task at hand is doable.


Training people to do their best is not only their right, is also your obligation. You have to abide by labor rules and make sure your leaders have the best training they can get, not only to set them for success, make them happy, and your business grow, but also because, well, it is the right thing to do. You don’t want to break the law, do you? 


A good manager not just oversees: They engage. They make sure to get involved with every decision that comes across, and they get their hands dirty to make sure the deal is done well. You have the responsibility and obligation (yes, obligation) to make sure their training is so good and so thorough that success is not just a dream: it becomes a reality as well.


It is so important to remember that even though the business world is tough and you have to dive in armed to the teeth, there is such an important element in keeping warmness and humanity when it comes to dealing with your management team and their staff. A happy family is a thriving family. That applies to a company too. A happy company is a thriving company.


Do you ever feel the need to jump sky high because you did something right? That applies to your managers, and their staff too. The only way to reach the skies is to go hand in hand. Teamwork. It is so very important to make sure everyone is on the same page. It is so very important to make sure that when they do things right, you are also benefited. Training them with a human touch and sharing your experience is NOT a waste of time. It is a betterment for the future of your organization.


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Let’s say you’re at a presentation. Suddenly you feel sick and you can’t continue. What do you do? You rely in your second in command, maybe a manager who has recently joined your team. But guess what? You didn’t train him enough to make him feel empowered or confident, and he can’t finish the presentation. He gets a stutter. He shies away.

That’s on you, not him.

You’re the one who was supposed to make sure he knew the material in and out, you’re the one who should have boosted his confidence by showing him how things work for your product or service in the most masterful way. You didn’t make sure he was comfortable, and now the deal is off the table.

Your fault, not his.

Now let’s look it on the other side of the coin. Your throat dies out, you’re sick. Suddenly the manager you really worked with, steps up and does a better job than maybe you could have done. The deal is on. Everyone is delighted and now you have new clients or partners because you made sure that a member of the team knew how to handle the situation.

His success, but yours too.


Just make sure you know how to play a game before you get involved. It’s like chess. Every piece is important. Every piece could give you success and make sure your business thrives. But you have to know how to use those pieces strategically and wisely. Never underestimate the power of a Pawn just as you don’t want to overestimate the power of a Queen.

So, why are you still reading this article? You have work to do! Go and analyze your team, make sure they are up to date with every single aspect of the organization. Make sure they are ready to go to battle and prepare for success. Because that’s the only way you’re going to get your organization, your project, your handiwork, to grow and prosper.

You are the one who is in charge. You have to put training back into your company, and live up to the true meaning of Management. So we hope this article shed some light on the importance of having a prepared team who is ready to work hard and use their knowledge and YOUR expertise to make sure there is something working out there. Something that can become very special and prosperous.

Your business.


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