Services Overview

We offer a range of different solutions for your company, such as Human Resources Consulting, Executive Search, and Training & Development, tailored to the specific necessities of the diverse group of clients. In addition to providing contingency search services, we provide retained search, and direct placement for all management levels positions, including C-level executives, offering you, our client with confidentiality and exclusivity.

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    Human Resources Consulting - 1BC Consulting Inc

    Our Main Services

    Human Resources Consulting

    • Human Resources Standard Operating Procedure
    • Policy Development & Administration
    • Employee Handbook Revision & Development
    • Job Description Development / ADA & FLSA Compliant
    • Human Resources Documentation Management
    • Employee Opinion Survey Administration
    • OSHA/Sexual Harassment/Diversity Compliance
    • Training Development
    • Benefit Administration
    • Recognition, Incentive Solutions
    • EEO Compliance
    • I9 Auditing and Compliance
    • Drug Free Work Place Policy/Drug Testing
    • Employment Backgrounds
    • Human Resources Outsourcing

    Executive Search


    • Aerospace
    • Banking
    • Engineering
    • Finance
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Information Technology (IT)
    • Non-profit