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SMART Goal Setting - 1BC Consulting

SMART Goal Setting - 1BC Consulting


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How do I set-up goals? How much effort does it take? Can I achieve my goals? Where do I start? These are questions that everyone ask themselves when creating new goals. This is an essential process we must know how to do to grow and continue being successful in everything we do.


Learn to set up goals either for your company or for your professional or personal life. Begin by setting goals the SMART way, then write them down, break then down (either by year, month, week or day), hold yourself or team accountable, reward yourself and/or your team and develop systems and habits.

Sounds complicated? Well it is not. Here is a step by step process of what you can do to set and reach your goals.


STEP I: Begin by setting your goals in a SMART way. Your goals must be structured using the SMART method:


Specific:  What exactly do I/we want to accomplish? Who else would be involved in the process? Where would this take place? Why do I/we want to accomplish this goal?


Measurable:  How will you know when you have reached this goal? How much change will occur? How many actions will it take?


Action: Do I have or can I get the resources to achieve this goal? What will you need to do to achieve your goal? Is the goal a reasonable for me or the company? (not out of reach, nor too easy) Are the actions I/we plan to take likely to bring success?


Realistic: Is this goal reachable? Is this a worthwhile goal for me or the company right now? Is it meaningful or is it just something others think should be done right now? Can I/we really do this? I am/are we willing to commit to achieve this goal? Would it delay or prevent me or the company from achieving another more important goal?


Timely:  When will you reach this goal?  What is your deadline? When can I/we take action? What can I/we do today?


STEP II: Write down your goals. This will help you illustrate and make you aware of your intentions and each step to take toward each goal.


STEP III: Break down each goal. Breaking down each goal into small and workable steps will help you not to get stressed out or overwhelmed.


STEP IV: Hold your team and/or yourself accountable for reaching the goal. Create discipline and maintain focus through the entire process. This could mean following up on – what steps have been taken? what has been accomplished thus far? what to do if you or someone in your team are not following the process?


STEP V: Reward yourself and/or your team. Creating a rewarding atmosphere will assist in building up and increasing the momentum for the positive actions you have taken, and what has been accomplished so far.  It will also give you more fuel to continue producing great work.


STEP VI: Create systems and habits. Creating effective systems and positive habits will only assist you in making things easier to continue achieving your goals, and meeting the deadlines set-up from the beginning.


Have fun setting your goals. We wish you all the success in your company and professional life.


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